Open Video Booth: Open Video Booth with a webcam source.

1. Open Video Booth


Take Snapshots: Video Booth counts down for 3 seconds to capture your fabulous look.

2. Take Snapshots


Continuous Shooting: Take four quick pictures using Continuous Shooting feature.

3. Continuous Shooting


Record Video Clips: You can shoot video clips using Video Booth with webcams.

4. Record Video Clips


Add Effects: Add effects into your snapshots & videos and enjoy the fun.

5. Add Effects


View a Snapshot: Click the thumbnail, view your picture in the main window and select how you want to use it – to export it or upload it.

6. View a Snapshot


Upload Snapshots: Directly upload your funny snapshots to Facebook and share with people.

7. Upload a Snapshot to Facebook


View a Video Clip: View your recorded videos smoothly in the main window, choose to export it or upload it to Facebook.

8. View a Video Clip


Upload Videos: Upload your video clips to Facebook directly and quickly!

9. Upload a Video to Facebook


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Why Video Booth?

  • Take snapshots and video clips quickly and easily with your webcam.
  • Classic, artistic, amusing effects and backdrops make your pictures and videos unique.
  • Take 4 quick pictures in succession.
  • Directly upload snapshots and video clips to Facebook for sharing.
  • Works with all digital cameras and systems.
  • Sharing is easy, sharing is fun.
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